As a past bride, I know how important it is to be present and in the moment on your wedding day.

I’m the photographer who goes ALL IN for you so that you can live in the moments as you marry the love of your life. A photographer who has been there, done that (over 200 times) and can offer the education, support and resources to help you slide into your wedding day feeling stoked on marriage, not stressed about the little details. On your wedding day, you can find me on the dance-floor with grandma while she’s busting moves to Beyoncé, but also sneaking in shots of your uncles smoking cigars in the corner, capturing the tears dripping from your mama’s eyes from your vows and all the big belly laughs during the epic speech by your best friend.

I’m super sappy, soulful and damn good at those effortless badass couple photos you’ll want to hang on your walls. I’m feeling your feels, capturing every moment, maybe hiding behind my camera crying a bit during your vows. IT'S FINE, I'M FINE. 

In front of my lens, you’ll feel like you’re on a hot date, but with a quirky third wheel screaming “OMG PERFECTION”!


my enneagram is a 1w2

you can find me journaling & doing yoga most mornings

I met my husband in Italy almost 11 years ago (we were babies)

we spend most of our free time traveling, hiking, renovating our home or bbqing with the fam

mama to two yorkies and one lil babe on the way

I'm the oldest of 8 


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