5 Steps on How to Postpone Your Wedding Due to Coronavirus

Hey friends — first off, let’s PAUSE. Let’s take a few deep breaths, together. This week has been wild, to say the least, and not in the adventurous trendy wedding kind of way. What you’re going through with wedding planning and Coronavirus is especially difficult; your pain is FELT, your fears are SEEN. I can’t WAIT for the day we can all be hip to hip, clinking champagne glasses and singing at the top of our lungs without fear at weddings. Until then…

You’re likely social-distancing right now and alone with your thoughts, so before succumbing to panic and postponing your wedding day, a few things to consider: 

  • As of now, if your wedding date is past June 2020, you’re likely going to be fine continuing plans as usual. While none of us can see into the future, the trends we’re seeing in other countries leaves me hopeful that couples with weddings in June and beyond don’t need to be stressing over this for the time being.
  • If I am your wedding photographer, I will be reaching out to you when and IF concerns about postponing your wedding start to arise! PROMISE. 
  • Consider postponing, not cancelling. When you postpone, it’s likely your vendors are able to transfer any monies paid to the future date. Cancelling will have more negative financial impacts, like losing non-refundable deposits. 
  • I’ll edit this post as information changes!

I’m here empathizing with you as you’re forced to make the huge decision to postpone your wedding. After spending a good chunk of time envisioning your day, this is TOUGH, but I feel it’s also Important to note… the whole wedding day you’ve been planning is really about the commitment you’re making to your partner, through thick, thin, and now… coronavirus. Look at you, living out your vows before they’ve even been said 😉 

(Also, hey, it’s ok to take the time to “mourn” before you hop into the next steps).


“‘We’re all in this together’ – Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens” 

– Alexandria Monette

Ya’ll, when I signed up to be your wedding photographer, I signed up for the whole wild ride. My goal is to continue helping you in any way possible, while making the transition from one wedding date to another, STRESS FREE. Know that I’ve got your back and I want to be part of your wedding day, no matter what it takes.


Once you’ve made the hard decision (or been forced via social distancing) to postpone your wedding date, the first thing you need to do is reach out to your wedding planner. You hired them to be your right hand human along this wild journey. They know all of your vendors and have relationships with the venues, so they’re your best resource to gracefully glide through the next few steps. (Also, give them grace, patience and love as they navigate this change for multiple couples at a time).


Your wedding venue is likely numero uno top priority to your day — so be sure to ask which dates they still have available past June 2020. Be open minded to Thursday, Friday and Sunday availability, as that is likely all that’s left. But, before you settle on a brand new date with the venue…


Share your venues’ available dates with all other vendors already hired, to see who can still be part of your wedding day! Ideally, everyone would be able to reschedule for the new date, but realistically, there might be one or two who are already booked. Be aware that this is a possibility, that it means you’ll likely lose your non-refundable deposits with them, and that it’s going to be ok. 

Here’s a sample email you can send your vendors, if the right words are hard to find: 

“Hey team, 

X and X here. It’s with a heavy heart that we’ve chosen to postpone our wedding on XX/XX/XXXX at [location], given the current situation with Covid-19 in our country. While it was a tough decision to make, prioritizing the health of our loved ones and the general community takes precedence at this time. With that said, we’ve already taken a few steps to postpone our wedding, and would love to still have you be part of our day, if possible! [You can add personal words here if you’ve particularly connected with vendors… especially because we love you all so much and it’s really appreciated].

Here are a few dates that align with our wedding venue:


Could you please let us know which dates, if any, you’re still available, and what the process of postponing with you looks like? 

Thanks so much for your understanding of our decision during this difficult time. Sending you good thoughts/praying for your health/thinking of you,



Using a Facebook group, a minted website, or just good ole group texting, be sure to share the news with your family and friends. I suggest using the platform where most of the people you communicate with are on, for ease sake, and to continue updating them with new dates or new locations (if your OG venue doesn’t work out). Let them know you appreciate their love and support during this time. 

STEP FIVE: (ok really, this step is personal opinion on how to reduce future stress, but I say it with a loving heart and a brain trying to see into the unclear future)

  • Everyone’s financial situation is different and ever-changing right now. Consider asking friends and family to forego wedding gifts, especially if you think they won’t attend because of current financial hardships.
  • Consider using sites like Minted or Paperless Post to send out the next wedding invites. This saves you money and allows you to update guests on any necessary news in an easy manner.
  • Know that if you follow through with the wedding, guests are likely going to feel on edge. Be prepared to have a few extra things like water bottles, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes available to them.
  • Consider buying wedding insurance to avoid future unknown possibilities, (yes wedding insurance is a thing)!

With all the love in my heart, I hope these steps were helpful in some way as you navigate these uncharted waters. 

To my couples, my availability is showcased and updated regularly HERE for ease in helping you postpone your day. As always, feel free to call me if you need to chat in depth about anything.

xoxo Alex

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