L + D



“My biggest concern for a photo shoot is always communicating my wants/needs for the photos to the photographer. I have a tendency of hoping that the photographer will be able to read my mind in what shots I want. This has been a problem in the past because I want to give a photographer the ability to be creative and think of things I do not but then find I do not get the shots I envision. The best thing that happened with Alex is that she started the conversation by asking what I wanted from the shoot. This made me feel comfortable to explain and show examples (from Pinterest) of shots that I would ideally like to have happen and then also explained that I wanted to give her the ability to explore other ideas during the session. It made the entire process much more comfortable and fun! We did not have the most ideal weather for our photo session but that turned out to be the best part! We live in Santa Barbara where it is 75 degrees & sunny and we thought our photos would turn out bright and airy. On the day we went to take pictures it was gray and looked like rain was on the horizon. Once we got out to Knapp’s Castle it started drizzling and soon down pour came. This made the all the photos look mystical & dramatic! We loved the shots of us running through the rain with our poodle. Most importantly we loved that Alex was down to run through the rain to capture these magical photos! As I am at the age of having many of my friends getting married I tell all of them to pick a photographer that you are comfortable with. This person is likely going to see you getting dressed, tears of happiness with your mom and all those intimate moments on your special day. With having Alex there we felt totally comfortable and at ease knowing she would capture the shots important to us. I would tell my best friend that she could not make a better choice. Alex was perfect in that she was the right amount of forceful to capture the perfect shot but not too forceful like when taking school photos. She listened to us and helped with ideas of what to wear and where to have the photo session take place. Alex is able to be your photographer best friend for the day to capture your magical moments that are so important! Without question I would recommend her to my closest family & friends!”