Having Alex as our wedding photographer was the BEST decision we made for our special day! We searched high and low for a photographer who shared our vision, and could capture the essence of who we are, both individually and as a couple. Simply put, she has elevated capturing happiness and raw emotion into an art form in her photography. The hardest part of writing this review is not attaching hundreds of photos, because I have so many favorites. She has an exquisite knack for capturing the emotion in key lifetime events in a way that’s dramatic, profound and intimate. I can honestly say that Alex’s work nearly brought me to tears. Her attention to detail is stunning. And her professionalism is outstanding. There are many photographers out there to select from, what we found in Alex wasn’t just a photographer, we found an artist.

M + N


“ALEX! OMG!!!!! My eyes have never seen such beauty! we LA LA LA LOVE it!!!! Ahhhh they came out soo amazing. I’m in so much awe. You caught so many great shots and those are just the previews?!!! I’m dying right now. Thank you soooo much for sending me some sneak peaks soo quickly! I love you, you genius woman.”


“Once again, you never fail to amaze me!! All those photos are so beautiful 😭 and that blog post!! Sweetest words ever! Thank you soo much for those wonderful pictures!! So amazing -I’m crazy in love with them !!”


D + K



“Oh my godddddd Alex I am freaking out over these photos !!!!!!! They are so amazing. You really captured the authentic joy and love between us <3 I can see the joy radiating off my face in so many of these shots! It’s surreal. You are incredibly talented. Not only were you so skilled behind the lens, but you were so helpful and kind and patient. These were things I hadn’t thought about in the wedding planning process, and you went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. It was a delight to spend the day with you.”

A + S



“My biggest concern for a photo shoot is always communicating my wants/needs for the photos to the photographer. I have a tendency of hoping that the photographer will be able to read my mind in what shots I want. This has been a problem in the past because I want to give a photographer the ability to be creative and think of things I do not but then find I do not get the shots I envision. The best thing that happened with Alex is that she started the conversation by asking what I wanted from the shoot. This made me feel comfortable to explain and show examples (from Pinterest) of shots that I would ideally like to have happen and then also explained that I wanted to give her the ability to explore other ideas during the session. It made the entire process much more comfortable and fun! We did not have the most ideal weather for our photo session but that turned out to be the best part! We live in Santa Barbara where it is 75 degrees & sunny and we thought our photos would turn out bright and airy. On the day we went to take pictures it was gray and looked like rain was on the horizon. Once we got out to Knapp’s Castle it started drizzling and soon down pour came. This made the all the photos look mystical & dramatic! We loved the shots of us running through the rain with our poodle. Most importantly we loved that Alex was down to run through the rain to capture these magical photos! As I am at the age of having many of my friends getting married I tell all of them to pick a photographer that you are comfortable with. This person is likely going to see you getting dressed, tears of happiness with your mom and all those intimate moments on your special day. With having Alex there we felt totally comfortable and at ease knowing she would capture the shots important to us. I would tell my best friend that she could not make a better choice. Alex was perfect in that she was the right amount of forceful to capture the perfect shot but not too forceful like when taking school photos. She listened to us and helped with ideas of what to wear and where to have the photo session take place. Alex is able to be your photographer best friend for the day to capture your magical moments that are so important! Without question I would recommend her to my closest family & friends!”

L + D


Having Alex take photos of us on our recent trip to Palm Springs was one of our favourite parts of our vacation! We booked her services because we loved the photos she had on her website; they were artistic and clearly showed a great eye for lighting, settings, and capturing individuals in a unique way. 
Alex is not only very talented, but also incredibly kind and personable. After meeting Alex on the day of our shoot, we immediately felt a sense of ease as Alex guided us through the session in a comfortable and natural way. Overall, it was a fun experience that captured “us” in a way that we haven’t experience from another photographer before. When we got our photos back, we were ecstatic with result!!! We will cherish these photos forever and would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone (in fact, we hope to do more photos with her again someday)!
A + J



“Working with Alex was absolutely amazing! We were both apprehensive shooting with a photographer we had never met before, but working with Alex was seamless; she made us both feel comfortable right at the start. My husband and I aren’t natural models, but Alex gave us direction and was extremely welcoming. We both felt like we could be our silly selves, which came through in all our photos! Thank you so much Alex!  You gave us such beautiful photos for a milestone that means so much to us. This first year of marriage has had its ups and downs, but when we look at these photos, we’re reminded that there is no other person in this world we would want to share this beautiful, crazy, challenging life with. We can’t thank you enough for giving us that beautiful reminder.” 


K + B


“Alexandria is hugely talented, with a warmth and passion that translates in every photo she takes. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and unique vision captured our wedding in a style that perfectly reflected us. Our story is there in every shot, moments we will forever hold in our hearts. Working with her was a dream!”

E + M