Before the Wedding
      After the Wedding
      How would you describe your style?

      Most couples describe my style as emotionally driven, real, warm, ethereal, editorial, edgy, and moody with pops of color and contrast. I love that there are so many descriptors for the work you see here - my style is a mixture between editorial + photojournalistic approaches to photographing moments and people. What that means is, I like to capture both the spontaneous, emotion-filled moments, while also adding a little editorial flair to posing if the situation calls for it. My whole goal is to capture your raw, genuine relationship and do that by directing you into different forms based on your dynamic and the location we’re shooting in. What I love is that our time together will be a collaboration between how I see your relationship and how YOU feel in your relationship. This is why it’s SO important for us to vibe well and for you to trust me enough to open up, get a little vulnerable, and share your relationship with me.

      How do we know if we’re a great fit?

      Let's be honest, I'm not the right photographer for everyone, but I'm perfect for some. My couples + clients value photography as an art and know that it is an investment in memories. Rather than perfect poses, my clients crave human connection, genuine expressions and real emotions. They don't have a shot list to give me because they trust in my vision for capturing a day as it unfolds and creating expressive imagery. Their priority is experiencing every moment together and more often than not become friends with me. If you want to create artistic, emotive imagery with me, then let's do this.

      I love your style and want to work with you! What’s next?

      Yay! I would love to get to know your relationship better - shoot me a message by clicking that "contact" link below or email me directly ( We’ll chat about your vision, photo needs and get to know each other. If we’re a good fit, then a signed contract and 50% non-refundable retainer is how we’ll save your date!

      We're super awkward in front of the camera.

      The nerves you get before getting in front of a camera - they're normal. Promise. And our photoshoot? Look at it as nothing more than you two having the best time soaking into your relationship - with a clumsy 3rd wheel following you around. 95% of the couples you see on this website have said something along the lines of being awkward in photos and that's 100% untrue (as you can probably tell)! That's because (A) when you focus on interacting with each other + having a good time, the reflection captured in the camera shows all that goodness - and (B) it's my job to direct you so the "awkwardness" you're feeling goes away real fast and all that's left is room for pure love + raw emotion.

      What's your shooting style?

      A mixture of directing and posing while shooting all of the in-between moments. I work best when couples trust me fully to get creative while also pulling out their best emotions. If you want technical terms, I'd say I'm a mixture of documentary + editorial style - because I love love love to have fun with the portraits while also capturing the story unfolding in front of me.

      What do your wedding collections look like / how much do you charge?

      Feel free to take a look at my collections + pricing by clicking that "investment" button below. I also have a brochure with more info to share - get in contact with me to learn more!

      We only need you for a couple of hours on our wedding day - can you quote us for that?

      Each wedding collection is hand-crafted to best tell the story of your day. After shooting over 75 weddings, I've learned what works and what doesn't on a wedding day. Timelines don't always go as planned and my goal is for you to have a stress-free day without having to worry about your photographers leaving before all your special moments are captured. That said - customization on collections is something I've decided to opt out of. If you're only looking for a couple hours captured on your special day, there's a perfect photographer out there for you, but I'm not the right fit.

      What is a first look?

      Tradition goes that the first time you see your fiancé is on that walk down the aisle. First looks break that tradition for all the best reasons. After you're both done getting ready, we'll choose a private space for you two to see each other (hence, the "first look") with no one else around (just us ninja photographers capturing the special moment). Why do couples choose to do this? It allows them to calm their nerves, to have a quiet moment to talk/pray/ease each other before the walk down the aisle in-front-of-everyone-you-know-and-the-party-starts-and-the-night-is-over-oh-my-god. Photographers love first looks since it's an extra special moment to have in private before the "hustle and bustle" of the day. It also allows us to get family photos, wedding party photos, and romantic photos out of the way BEFORE the ceremony, so when you're fiiiiinally married, you can just go party with your guests.

      We’re still looking for local vendors, can you help with that?

      I've worked with some of the most incredible, talented creatives and have a huge network of vendors who I'd love to share with you. Once you've checked "wedding photographer" off your list of to-do's, I'd love to send over a list of preferred vendors who would fit your unique wedding day.

      How do you edit our images? How many images will we get? How do you deliver them?

      Every image is chosen and hand-edited by me.* I deliver using the quality over quantity mantra, which ends up being anywhere between 700-1200 photos depending on the wedding collection chosen. All photos are delivered in a private online gallery, shareable with your friends and family, with printing capabilities and downloading available in 3 different resolutions. Wedding galleries are delivered no later than 6 weeks after your wedding, while other shoots are delivered 15 days after our session.

      Due to the nature of my job/family dynamics, I’d like to keep my photos private. Can you accommodate this request?

      Marketing my creativity with new work is hugely important to me, but I also respect privacy and would love to hear from you about your unique concerns so we can figure out something to accommodate both our needs. Get in touch with me so we can chat more!

      Do you retouch photos (i.e. Can you photoshop that out)?

      I will retouch unnaturally occurring nuances (like a pesky pimple that popped up days before your session, sweat stains, an accidental spill on your dress, etc) because I want you to remember the happiest parts of your day!I will not, however, do unnatural retouching, like slimming down body parts, altering facial structure, etc. You are perfect the way you are!

      Where are you based?

      I'm based in the beautiful Temecula Wine Country, one hour north of San Diego, 1 hour west of Palm Springs, and 2-3 hours from Los Angeles.

      Do you travel?

      I've had the amazing opportunity to photograph couples in Portland, Cannon Beach, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Napa Wine Country, Santa Barbara, Scottsdale + The Grand Canyon. I couldn't be happier whenever someone chooses to bring me along for their destination celebration. If you're thinking of bringing me along, get in contact with me for a custom quote.

      Speaking of travel, can you give us a break on budget if you’re traveling to a bucket list destination?

      Heck yes! I have all the deets on bucket list destination weddings/shoots on my travel page. Hit that "travel" button below to find out more.