Are we the right fit for each other?

If you’ve made it this far, the answer is probably! Though I’m available to anyone, anywhere, I’m not always the right photographer for everyone. My couples + clients value photography as an art and know that it is a sacred investment. Rather than perfect poses, they are craving human connection + genuine expressions to be captured. Their priority is experiencing all of the little moments together, digging out their most vulnerable selves and are ready to open up with me in the room. With every part of me, I want to become your friend + be allowed into those tender moments so that I can document who you truly are together. If you are ready to help me create art + capture your rawest selves – then let’s do this!

What should I expect at our session?

I’ll guide you through the session with prompts + ask questions about yourselves and your relationship, but for the most part, I want to follow you + your love around as you enjoy each other’s presence! I do my best not to get posey + to truly capture who you two are alone. We’ll walk/move around a lot and you’ll leave feeling like you just spent all that time loving on your person + enjoying the scenery or the comfort of your home. That is my goal for every session! 

Where are you located?

I reside in a humble home in the Temecula Valley of Southern California, but I am always traveling + welcome new adventures!

Speaking of adventures… can I take you to [insert destination of choice here] with us?

Oh my gosh, yes!!! Like I said, new adventures are everything to me. (Did I say that yet)? Well, they are. Usually, with a round-trip ticket, 2 nights accommodations and a car rental in whichever heavenly place you’re taking me, we should be good to go. And if you are ticking off a darling place on my bucket list  I will take off 10% from whichever collection you chose! Yep! Take it. This is the only time I ever “give discounts”. 

What if we’re only a short drive away?

All my collections include travel within *most* of the Southern California region. Places with no travel fee include: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Palm Springs + Joshua Tree. Anywhere where I have to drive longer than 2 hours one way will be considered a destination + we can work out the best travel situation together! Just get in touch here

What should I wear?

I honestly, truly, want everyone to wear what would make them feel comfortable, something that you might wear on an extra special occasion or something you have absolutely fallen in love with. Your personality shines through your expressions, but also the clothes you choose to wear, so choose something that feels like YOU and allows you to be comfortable for our session. I have a pinterest board if you want suggestions, but please make them YOU!

Will you help me plan for photos on my wedding day?

YES! I will help you plan major photographic moments of the day around good lighting. About 2 months prior to your big day, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get all the details you’ve cooked up and then draft a photography timeline to fit your day.  

Tell me more about your editing style.

I’ve often let others describe this for me – because it’s hard for me to articulate. My goal with editing is to edit for mood and color. I’ve often been told that people are attracted to my work because of the way I “pull out the colors of the image” or how ethereal the image looks. What I have to say about this is, your loving vibes from the shoot inspire the way the entire set is edited. I would say I strive to consistently have a moody, colorful, and genuine edits. I’ll remove acne or obvious distractions in the photos, but I do not photoshop things into my photos, alter bodies or do *heavy* skin editing. If these are concerns of yours, we might not be the best fit. 

How many images do you deliver? When can I expect my images? 

There is something to be said for quality over quantity. You can expect on average between 35-50 photos per hour, but there are no hard numbers I can give you. Every session/wedding/couple is so unique and the number of photos that tell your story could never be compared to others’ stories. Engagements, anniversaries or any smaller sessions usually take 2 weeks to get back. Weddings can take 4-6 weeks to deliver.

Can I print my photos? Where can I print them?

YES PLEASE PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! Pass them down to your children. Hang them over your bed. Give them to your parents. Depending on what you want, you can get some awesome hipster square cards, calendars, beautiful wall mounts and the like at Artifact Uprising. I’d also recommend using MPix if you want to print on your own. Lucky for you, the private photo gallery that you will receive your photos in allows for super affordable professional lab printing. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes! Please let me know if I need to send that over to your wedding venue.