…is simple. I want you to look back at your photos and remember not only how the day looked, but how you felt. I capture love-based relationships with the idea that beauty and love can be effortless.Working with kindred spirits — people who are laid-back, modern, romantic with a free-spirited vibe — makes my heart skip a beat. Together, we have the opportunity to create emotional imagery while adventuring through this wild world.

      YOU ARE...


      You get your thrills being out in nature, exploring new landscapes with cell service turned off, but can also appreciate a cozy night in with your babe and a few close friends, a great craft cocktail in hand, paired with delicious food and meaningful conversation.

      You care. You care so deeply about the people you have in your life, the memories you’ve collected over the years, the work you do, the life you live. It’s in the little moments where you realize how beautiful life is – an essence you want to bottle up forever. 

      You want an easy, no-fuss celebration. You want your day to encompass the beauty of the places you’ve seen, the fire in your heart, and to be a celebration of the overflowing love you have for each other. Whether that means you’re going to travel to an incredible landscape with a few close people, or have a larger gathering full of laughter and good-spirited-fun, your day is about the beginnings of an incredible marriage, more than it is a wedding day.

      I AM...


      …but I go by Alex. My best memories in life have been the little moments – the time spent laying on my husband’s chest while he shows me all the cars he’ll someday own; crying in the pages of a well-written book; listening to my five-year-old brother as he recalls all the dinosaurs he knows (it’s basically all of them) and laughing at the memes in an 8-person group text between my siblings; crying with my mom over a commercial or sharing wine over stories with my dad and step-mom, and hiking with my two dogs + letting them tear up socks in a game of tug-o-war. It’s the days spent exploring a new country and celebrating that I could communicate with a native; it’s in tasting something new and being amazed when a smell brings back childhood memories. All the little moments.

      I’m someone who loves to learn how people met, why they fell in love, and the many moments that held them together. I believe that the importance of photography is in the intricate intimacies, the laughter, the quirks, and the mood of your unique moments.

      Slideshow photo by Heather Bode Photography // Photo on right by Emi Fujii Photography